Which Products Contains Sodium Molybdate?

Which Products Contains Sodium Molybdate?

Octomber 19, 2021 Sodium Molybdate

Sodium Molybdate is an inorganic sodium salt that contains the element Molybdate. It exists primarily in two forms: as Dihydrate in the form of crystalline powder and as Anhydrous in the form of small crystalline plates.

Where is Sodium Molybdate used?

There are many uses of Sodium Molybdate, including several consumer products.

Agricultural fertilizers and spray

The agriculture industry is one of the most popular use cases where Sodium Molybdate is used in fertilizers.

The element Molybdenum is highly soluble in water owing to its highest oxidation state. This makes the chemical containing Sodium Molybdate water-soluble, which facilitates its use in fertilizers.

Thus, a sodium Molybdate fertilizer is used as a delivery vessel to transfer essential micronutrients to the plants.

Molybdate is also used to ensure the optimum growth of legumes. In addition, it is used on leguminous plants as fertilizers to convert nitrates into amino acids and proteins.

Hydroponic fertilizer

Sodium Molybdate is also used in the hydroponics nutrient practice. Since the plants in hydroponics are grown without the soil, they can lack many soil-derived nutrients

Therefore, sodium Molybdate is used as a high nutrient solution in fertilizers to enhance the growth and yield of such plants.

Animal feed

Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate is used as an additive in the animal feed for animals such as sheep. It is used as a nutritional additive to supplement the meal with trace elements.

The Copper and Molybdenum proportion is kept at a very optimal level to ensure they do not react together. A reaction can cause a copper deficiency in cattle.

However, the same is helpful in cases of copper toxicity in animals.

Nutritional supplements

Molybdenum is one of the essential minerals in the human body. It is required in a trace amount and is derived from plants that absorb it from the soil.

In the human body, the Molybdenum cofactor activates different essential enzymes. Therefore, sodium Molybdenum is used as a nutritional supplement in cases of Molybdenum deficiency.

Corrosion inhibitors for industrial systems

Sodium Molybdate is used as a corrosion inhibitor. Industrial systems using metals such as iron and steel use this compound. It is commonly used in water treatment processes where there are high chances of galvanic corrosion.

Therefore, sodium Molybdate is used as a high nutrient solution in fertilizers to enhance the growth and yield of such plants.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Sodium Molybdate:

Q1. What is sodium molybdate used for?

A1. Sodium molybdate is commonly used as a metal corrosion inhibitor for iron and steel, and is commonly found in water treatment products like chiller systems, where bimetallic design and construction can raise the risk of metal corrosion.

Q2. Is sodium molybdate harmful?

A2. Although the substance has no acute toxicity, it is advised to avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothing - wear suitable protective equipment. For emergency responders: Avoid formation and inhalation of dust.

Q3. Is sodium molybdate a salt?

A3. Sodium molybdate (anhydrous) is an inorganic sodium salt having molybdate as the counterion. It has a role as a poison.

Q4. Is sodium molybdate water soluble?

A4. Sodium Molybdate, Anhydrous is a small, lustrous, crystalline plate. It has the melting point of 687 degrees Celsius and a density of 3.28 (18C). It is soluble in water and also noncombustible.

Q5. What is the formula of sodium molybdate?

A5. Sodium molybdate formula is Na2MoO4.