Uses and Advantages of Sodium Molybdate

Uses and Advantages of Sodium Molybdate

April 21, 2022 Sodium Molybdate

What is Sodium Molybdate?

Sodium Molybdate has the chemical formula Na2MoO4 and is used as a source of Molybdenum. It is a white crystalline salt.

For Sodium Molybdate synthesis, MoO3is dissolved in Sodium Hydroxide at 50 – 70 degrees Celcius temperature. The filtered output is then crystallized. For anhydrous salt, MoO3, NaOH, and H2O are brought to react at 100 degrees Celcius.

Common Uses of Sodium Molybdate

Sodium Molybdate is used for different purposes in the commercial and consumer sector. In the retail industry, it is used as agriculture chemicals, intermediates, pigments, flame retardants, lubricants, and lubricative additives, amongst other uses.

Sodium Molybdate is used in corrosion inhibitors, fertilizer additives, and pigment manufacturing in the consumer section. It is also widely used in lubricants and greases. Let us get into details:

Agricultural Additive for Fertilizer

Agriculture is one of the leading application areas of Sodium Molybdate over the importance of Molybdenum for plants. Molybdenum is one of the essential micronutrients that boost plant growth. Plant enzymes use Molybdenum to convert nitrates into nitrites. These nitrates are then converted into ammonia.

Plants use this ammonia to synthesize amino acids. Molybdenum is in the highest oxidation state in Sodium Molybdate, which is why its high water solubility. When used as a delivery vessel as fertilizer for the essential micronutrients in plants, it easily mixes in water, soaks into the soil, and gets absorbed into the roots.

It has dual benefits – The fertilizer gets evenly distributed across the field and gets easily absorbed in the plants. Farmers use Sodium Molybdate containing fertilizers primarily on legumes, including lentils, alfalfa, peanuts, and beans.

Hydroponic Farming & Agriculture

Hydroponics is another prominent application area where Sodium Molybdate is often used. Inert substances are used as the growing medium instead of soil.

The fertilizers containing micronutrients are mixed in water to deliver them directly to the plants' roots. Sodium Molybdate is used in hydroponics as it easily dissolves in water.

Corrosion Inhibitor

Sodium molybdate is commonly used as a corrosion inhibitor in metals such as Iron and Steel. It is non-toxic and eco-friendly, fit to be used in soft-water cooling systems as a corrosion inhibitor with other oxidizing agents.

It is known as an anodic inhibitor. Inherently Sodium Molybdate does not have any oxidizing characteristics, which allow it to mix with other organic compounds and inhibit corrosion. Therefore, in the closed-loop system, Sodium Molybdate is more valued than other corrosion inhibitors such as Sodium Nitrate.

E11 Nutritional Supplement

Molybdenum is counted among essential micronutrients. In a diet, Molybdenum is taken in the form of complex vitamins. People opt for Sodium Molybdate as a dietary supplement. 50 to 500 micrograms of Sodium Molybdate is taken as a dietary supplement.

Molybdenum is also included in the diet in its natural form. Many food varieties contain Molybdenum, including legumes, whole grain bread, spinach, potato, and tuna. Sodium Molybdate is found to be safe for consumption, and any case of toxicity due to its excessive intake is rare.


Sodium Molybdate is used in farming and other industries. Its high-water solubility makes it an important nutrient in farming as fertilizer. Sodium Molybdate has multiple uses. However, its quantity needs to be maintained for a particular use.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Copper Carbonate:

It is mostly used in Alloys, Catalysts, Lubricants, Fertilizer, Pigments, Inhibitor, Medical, and Electronic.

Sodium Molybdate is utilized within natural chemistry in addition to medical science to track different natural chemicals.

It has no acute toxicity, it is advised to avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothing - wear suitable protective equipment.