What are Tin Chemicals? | Uses of Tin Chemicals

What are Tin Chemicals? | Uses of Tin Chemicals

April 01, 2022 Tin chemical

Tin is a chemical element with the symbol Sn and atomic number 50. In this blog, We mentioned the uses of tin chemicals and popular tin chemicals.

Tin is the element denoted by the symbol Sn, and it belongs to the carbon family. It is silvery in its color and is very soft. In ancient days, tin alloys such as Bronze, an alloy of Copper, and Tin were used.

Gradually, people started isolating the Tin from the alloy to use it for different purposes. It is a scarce material and is found in the Earth’s crust. It is a soft material that is easily bent into different shapes.

Tin is widely used for soldering, plating, optoelectronics, and specialized alloys. In combination with other elements, tin is used as alloys such as Pewter, an 85-99% tin, and bell metal, a copper-tin alloy.

What are Tin chemicals?

Most of the tin produced for use is divided into Tin chemicals, Alloys, and Tin Plating. Tin chemicals enhance the usability and applicability of the Tin metal with other elements.

Tin chemicals have different chemical and physical properties, making them suitable for various applications. Given below are some of the popular tin chemicals:

Tin Chloride

Tin chloride has the chemical formula SnCl2. It is colorless Crystal in nature. It is in the form of a hygroscopic Solid stored in air-tight conditions as any contact with Hot air will melt it into Solution.

Also known as Stannus Chloride, it is widely used to produce other tin compounds as a precursor. Chlorine gas and tin along with HCL are made to react at 115 degrees Celsius to form Tin Chloride Dihydrate. The applications are:

  • It is Widely Used in Textile as Mordant due to its reducing Ability. It’s Packed in 7 Kg Plastic Jar for Easy Use.
  • It is used in Manufacuting Pearl Pigments.

Tin Sulphate

Tin Sulfate is a Tin chemical with the chemical formula SnSO4. It is commonly known as Stannus Sulphate, which moderately dissolves in acid and water. In general, it is available in a pure nanopowder form. For preparation, Copper II Sulphate and metallic tin are brought together for displacement reaction. Its applications are:

  • It is used as Manufacturing Textile Auxilaries.
  • It is used in Tin Plating as well as Aluminium Anodizing.
  • It is Used as Chrome(Cr+6) Reducer in Manufacturing Cement.

Sodium Stannate

Sodium Stannate has Na2[Sn(OH)6] chemical formula. It is formed by reacting Tin Chloride with Sodium hydroxide Flakes. It appears as a white colored powder that is soluble in water.The uses are:

  • It acts as a stabilizer while using hydrogen peroxide.
  • It is Mainly used as Alkaline Tin Plating due to its pH Nature.

Potassium Stannate

Potassium Stannate is a tin chemical widely used as a tin plating electrolyte. Its chemical formula is K2[Sn(OH)6]. It is commonly used in different applications because of its high solubility and ability to stay stable during hydrolysis. It also has high cathode efficiency. Its applications are:

  • In the alkaline Tin Plating Procedure, it is used as tin salt
  • In electrolytic Tin Plating
  • It is used as a stabilizer of Hydrogen Peroxide. Therefore, it can be said to be an oxidant stabilizer.
  • Widely used as a Surface Treating Agent


Tin chemicals have a wide application across different industries, especially the chemical and metal industry. The tin plating on metals is practiced wide across every sector to prevent deteriorating effects of corrosion on the metals.

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