How to Make Sodium Stannate?

How to Make Sodium Stannate?

December 31, 2021 Sodium Stannate

Sodium Stannate is a chemical that contains alkali metal Sodium. It is available in nanopowder and submicron forms.

Its formula is Na2SnO3.3H2O.?

In appearance can be white and other lighter shades such as light brown.

Uses of Sodium Stannate:

Sodium Stannate is used as a stabilizer for Hydrogen Peroxide. It is prominently used in the metallurgy industry in ceramics and glass manufacturing to remove the Arsenic and Lead from them.

Sodium Stannate is also used in the production process of Tin-based compounds. It is used for Tin and Copper plating, and tin aluminum alloy plating.

Sodium Stannate is used in the Textile industry as a mordant and weighing agent. It is also used as a fireproofing agent

How to make it?

  • First, we prepare the Sodium Stannate solution. A sodium hydroxide solution is taken and stannous oxide is slowly and carefully put into it. Next, hydrogen peroxide solution is added to this solution to prepare the Sodium stannate solution.

  • This Sodium Stannate solution now undergoes heating for the sedimentation to take place. The solution is heated at a temperature of 90 - 100 degrees Celsius for 0.5 hrs to 1 hr until the solution settles down.

  • The settled solution is removed now using methods such as natural filtration.

  • . Then we go for concentration. After the impurities are removed, a sodium stearate solution is taken and the sodium acetate solution is added to it. The quantities of both the solutions are related. The sodium acetate which is added should be 0.5% to 1% of the mass of the sodium stannate present in its solution. The final solution is heated at 85 - 95 degrees Celsius. This heating continues till we get 60-70 g/L of Sn4+. After this, the applied temperature is lowered to 50-60 degrees Celsius. At this point, we add hydrogen peroxide which should be 5-10 % of the mass of the sodium stannate in the solution. Now, we stir the solution for 10-20 minutes and then re-heat it. This time at 85-95 degrees Celsius under negative pressure. This is again done for concentration and the heating continues until we get 30-40 g/L of Sn4+. The centrifugation process takes place.

  • Now drying takes place at 90-110 degrees Celsius under negative pressure conditions for 40-60 mins

  • After drying we get dry sodium stannate which is crushed and sieved to get sodium stannate product that has ultra-low water-soluble turbidity.

Key takeaways

Sodium Stannate is a chemical that can be harmful to human health and long-term exposure to products with tin in it can cause health issues such as pneumoconiosis.

Sodium Stannate should be stored in a place that is properly ventilated, dry, waterproof, and fireproof.

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