Copper Wire Advantages and Disadvantages

Copper Wire Pros and Cons

December 21, 2020 Copper Wire,Advantages - Disadvantages

Copper wires are one of the most common things that you will see around you in all types of wirings and electrical fittings. If you are planning to go ahead with some wiring then copper wire may be at the top of your list. We have been increasingly using copper for its advantages. In no time copper has replaced Aluminium as a more reliable material. However, as the competition is increasing, new materials are making their way into the market. People are now noticing the copper wire disadvantages. Let's take a closer look at the copper wire advantages and disadvantages.


The advantages are numerous.

  • Good conductivity - The most important characteristic of any material being used in electrical wirings is its conductivity. Cooper is a good conductor of electricity which acts in its favor. If compared to the other metals, then silver is the only metal found to be a better conductor than copper. Its conductivity is the primary reason it's seen everywhere.
  • Great heat resistance - Copper is resistant to heat and has a high melting point which makes it an ideal material for numerous electrical and heat associated components. It is also a good conductor of heat for which it is used as coatings for corrosion protection.
  • High flexibility - Flexibility is very important for the material to give the desired shape and size. The malleability defines the flexibility which is high for copper. Copper can be easily beaten into sheets or drawn into wires. Copper wires are popular in electrical settings as they can be beaten into thin wires and of the shape that fits in the required area.
  • Ductility - Copper exhibits great ductility which is the property of the wire to withstand high tensile stress. The copper is beaten into thin wire owing to its good ductility. They can be elongated into wires without becoming brittle.

Copper wires are associated with some disadvantages over which new materials are gaining popularity.

  • Intolerance to electrical surges - When we talk of electricity, electrical surges automatically come into the picture. Many application areas such as automotive parts demand stability to manage electrical surges. Copper wires do not offer such stability for which they are not widely used in automotive and semiconductor parts.
  • Electromagnetic interference - A field of interference is created around the copper wires when they are brought into use. This field can interfere with any signal and disrupt safety. To allow the signals to transmit properly, fiber optics is used instead of copper wires.

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